Training is not expensive: ignorance is expensive. - Dr. H. James Harrington

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With a shorter and shorter product and service life cycle, it is absolutely essential that every organization become more creative and innovative in their products, services, and internal operations. To compete today you have to be a step ahead of your competition or you will rapidly fail.

There needs to be a balance between future and present strategies for the innovation initiative to be successful. It’s essential that the Innovation Improvement Team not only understand ISO 56002 but also that they understand the thought patterns reflected in the standard and can include the meaning of each paragraph in the standard into the unique innovative management system that’s required to run your organization..

Harrington Management Systems has developed four levels of training to meet the needs of your employees, project managers, and the Innovation Improvement Team members. We have also developed a two to four hour overview that is specifically designed for the executive team to understand all their habits. Managerial behaviors play a key role in the organization’s innovative outputs.

Some of our Harrington Management Systems consultants were integrally involved in writing the ISO standard for Innovation: ISO 56002.