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New Books on Innovation

H. James Harrington and Sid Ahmed Benraouane, Ph.D are excited to announce the availability of two new books on innovation that are focused on the new ISO 56000 Innovation standard.

Using the ISO 56002 Innovation Management System: A Practical Guide for Implementation and Building a Culture of Innovation is the only comprehensive book currently available on how to fully implement the ISO 56000 standard in companies. This book is crucial for managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and consultants looking for help to reap the benefits of an innovation management system. This book takes you step by step through the process of developing an innovation ecosystem. In addition, it provides frameworks, tools, methodologies, cases, and best practices so your organization can experience the full value of the standard.

Managing Innovative Projects and Programs: Using the ISO 56000 Standards for Guidance and Implementation is the only book currently available that provides a step-by-step procedure on how to process a medium- or large-size project, program, or product using an already-established IMS that considers the guidance given in ISO 56002:2019 – Innovation Management Systems Standard. Often the most complicated, complex, difficult, and challenging system used in an organization is the IMS. At the same time, it usually is the most important system because it is the one that generates most of the value-adding products for the organization, and it involves most of the key functions within the organization.

Show me more books on Innovation.

Tell me how the Enhance Solutions Platform™ allows me to manage each of my innovative projects and programs in a way that conforms with the recommendations of the ISO 56000 Innovation standard.

Total Innovation Management for Excellence (TIME)

TIME provides a complete organizational structure that stimulates innovation and creativity in any organization.

Tell me about the TIME innovation book.

Show me how I can benefit from TIME in my innovation initiatives.

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Dr. H. James Harrington

Performance Improvement


I'm Dr. H. James Harrington.

Welcome to Harrington Management Systems. We have been involved in performance improvement, innovation, quality, strategic planning, and reliability training and certifications since the 1970s. I am often referred to as one of the early "quality gurus".

In addition, we can provide temporary executive management.

Over the years we have developed an outstanding team of highly experienced trainers and management consultants that work with us.

To Help You Achieve and Exceed

Our mission is to provide global consulting, training, and technology services to both the private and public sectors using state-of-the-art, proven methodologies designed to increase organizational performance.

Our highest priority is to ensure that our clients achieve or exceed their strategic performance objectives.

Broad and Deep

Our offerings include management, IT, education, and organizational solutions that improve overall performance and exceed customer expectations.

These offerings are provided by four divisions:
• Harrington Certification - offers certification for a range of skills
• Harrington Consulting - provides strategic and tactical consulting
• Harrington Academy - delivers training for a range of skills
• Harrington Research Center - develops leading-edge methodologies

Our international network of staff service our clients with specifically designed offerings that meet the needs of the domestic and international business environment.

Our Performance Improvement methodologies are complimentary with the Enhance Solutions Platform™ which is an enterprise-class cloud service that improves the performance of the enterprise. Tell me more about the Enhance Solutions Platform

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