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This course prepares the individual to pilot his or her original ideas all the way through the Innovation Systems Cycle. It also indicates that the individual has been trained to use the appropriate parts of the books The Innovation Tools Handbook, Volume II - Evolutionary and Improvement Tools and The Innovation Tools Handbook, Volume III – Creative Tools, Methods, and Techniques. The class is designed to blend together invention, entrepreneurship, and innovation. This class is a must for anyone who manages a new product and or program.

  • Teaches the attendees how to design, implement and manage an innovation improvement process.
  • Provides the attendees with the information and skills necessary to complete their innovation improvement projects on time and within schedule.
  • Provides the attendees with innovative techniques that result in innovation output from the project.
  • The attendees will gain an understanding of The Seven Basic Tools of Quality.
  • All employees who want to be able to manage a project or product through a complete or portion of an Innovative System Cycle.
  • Introduction, Overview of phases of the innovative system, and Process Grouping 1 - Opportunity Identification
  • Process Grouping 2 - Creation Activities
  • Process Grouping 3 - Value Proposition, Process Grouping 4 - Concept Validation and Process Grouping 5 - Business Case Analysis
  • Process Grouping 6 - Resource Management, Process Grouping 7 - Documentation, and Process Grouping 8 - Production
  • Process Grouping 9 - Marketing, Sales and Delivery, Process Grouping 10 - After Sales Services and Process Grouping 11 - Performance Analysis, and Process Grouping 12 - Transformation


  • November
Atlantic City
  • not offered
  • not offered
  • December
Las Vegas
  • December
San Francisco
  • not offered
Los Angeles
  • not offered
  • December
  • not offered
  • not offered

Five Days

Workshop and Certification Combined: $2,195 per participant

Workshop Only: $1,995 per participant

Certification Only: $200 per participant

The following discount applies to each of the classes:

  • Two or more participants from the same location 15% discount
  • Five or more participants from the same location, the sixth participant may attend the class at no cost.

Participants must pass the exam and attend 80% of the class hours and complete three of the homework assignments to become certified.

Challenge the Class – Participants do not have to take the training from Harrington Management Systems. A participant can take the test and acquire the additional experience required in the certification evaluation.