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Gold Medal in Innovation

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This course prepares individuals who will be involved in implementing an innovation management system within the organization. It also will prepare the individual for successfully completing the Gold Medal Innovation examination.

Total Innovation Management Excellence Pyramid

The Gold Medal Innovation preparation program is built around the proven TIME Methodology (Total Innovation Management Excellence). This is a comprehensive model that covers everything from a complete restructuring of the organization to a simple alignment of activities going on within the organization. Its basic premise is that everyone in the organization has a responsibility to be creative related to their jobs and the organization.


This course is not a problem-solving course.

  • It is designed to help the Executive Team to restructure the organization and optimize its ability to innovate in all areas.
  • It is designed to interpret technology changes (e.g., artificial intelligence and robotics) into a strategic plan making future changes more compatible with the products and processes into which they are being applied.
  • It provides increased focus on the performance of the major customer contacts - marketing and sales. It is designed to make these two units much more customer-centric.
  • Individuals who will be involved in implementing an upgraded innovative system within an organization. These are individuals who often serve as the champion for the innovation system activities.

This is the training program that teaches the participants how to effectively use each of the 16 building blocks (BB) to develop a strategic improvement plan directed at increased creativity and innovation ("BB" = "Building Block"):

  • Introduction to the individual's role as a focus point/champion of innovation, analysis to determine if this is the best role for the individual, introduction to the TIME Pyramid and BB1- Value Added to Stakeholders; BB2 - Innovative Organizational Assessment tools technique application (how to use them and analyze them).
  • BB3-Innovative Executive Leadership. Learning how to sell innovation to the Board of Directors and the executive team. BB4-Performance and Cultural Change Management Plans. It covers how to use the appropriate data collection system.
  • BB5-Commitment to Stakeholders, BB6-Innovative Project Management Systems; BB7-Innovative Management Participation
  • BB8-Innovative Team Development. How to make teams innovative and BB9-Individual Creativity Innovation and Excellence.
  • BB10-Innovative Supply Change Management, BB11-Innovative Design, and BB12-Effective Use of Innovative Robotics/Artificial Intelligence; BB13-Knowledge Assets Management, BB14-How to Measure Comprehensive Measurement System, BB15-Organizing for Innovation – Innovative Organizational Structure and BB16-Rewards and Recognition for Innovation and assessment of knowledge acquired.


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Five Days

Workshop and Certification Combined: $2,295 per participant

Workshop Only: $1,995 per participant

Certification Only: $300 per participant

The following discount applies to each of the classes:

  • Two or more participants from the same location 15% discount
  • Five or more participants from the same location, the sixth participant may attend the class at no cost.

Participants must pass the exam and attend 80% of the class hours and complete three of the homework assignments to become certified.

Challenge the Class – Participants do not have to take the training from Harrington Management Systems. A participant can take the test and acquire the additional experience required in the certification evaluation.