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Bronze Medal in Innovation

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This course is designed to aid every employee in increasing his or her value-added by being more creative and innovative related to the organization’s activities. It provides the foundation that an effective, innovative organization is built upon. It provides tools and techniques that aid your employees to identify opportunities and how to quickly do an initial estimate of how key stakeholders will be will affected. This helps the employee to continuously focus on value and improvement in the work they do and the products and services they provide. This class will introduce simple improvement solution techniques that can exploit between 70 to 90% of improvement opportunities. This workshop will increase your employees’ creativity as much as 80%.

  • Gain an understanding of why innovation is important to employees and their organization
  • Gain a basic understanding of the innovation process system cycle
  • Learn how to recognize an improvement opportunity
  • Learn how to do a quick initial evaluation of an improvement opportunity to determine if it is worthwhile developing a solution
  • Provide the student with some simple solution-development approaches that will handle between 70 to 90% of the improvement opportunities
  • Provide the employee with an approach to presenting his/her opportunity solution to the management team
  • All employees who want to improve their creativity
  • Overview of creativity, invention and innovation
  • Take the maturity grid analysis
  • The innovation process system cycle
  • How to recognize and evaluate an improvement opportunity
  • Exercise – to define, develop and evaluate improvement opportunities
  • Feedback on personal creativity
  • How to improve individual creativity
  • Introduction to simple opportunity solution methodologies
  • Introduction to value proposition
  • Feedback on maturity grid analysis
  • Introduction to report generation and presentation to management
  • Exercise – Evaluating an assigned product to determine if there is any improvement opportunity that will add the most value, and then develop an opportunity solution and present your recommendations to the instructors. Exercise time - 150 minutes
  • Innovation opportunities – student to define a minimum of one improvement opportunity that he or she can implement over the next 3 months.
  • Bronze Medal Innovation Level certification will the given to all individuals who meet required point scores on the exercises. Certificate of attendance will be given out to individuals whose point scores were lower than the minimum acceptable level.


  • September
Atlantic City
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  • October
Las Vegas
  • October
San Francisco
  • October
Los Angeles
  • October
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  • November
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Two Days for participants with an understanding of the basic problem-solving process.
Three Days for participants without an understanding of the basic problem-solving process.

Two Day Class:

Workshop and Certification Combined: $1,695 per participant

Workshop Only: $1,495 per participant

Certification Only: $200 per participant

Three Day Class:

Workshop and Certification Combined: $1,795 per participant

Workshop Only: $1,595 per participant

Certification Only: $200 per participant

The following discount applies to each of the classes:

  • Two or more participants from the same location 15% discount
  • Five or more participants from the same location, the sixth participant may attend the class at no cost.

Participants must pass the exam and attend 80% of the class hours and complete three of the homework assignments to become certified.

Challenge the Class – Participants do not have to take the training from Harrington Management Systems. A participant can take the test and acquire the additional experience required in the certification evaluation.