Training is not expensive: ignorance is expensive. - Dr. H. James Harrington

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Literally billions of dollars have been saved using the Six Sigma methodology. It’s an approach that no organization operating in today’s competitive environment can afford to ignore.

We have on our staff two of the five people in the world that that have been elected to Six Sigma Grand Master level of performance.

We have developed an advanced training package that results in individuals getting certified at four different levels in the organization. Often to start a Six Sigma initiative, the client will hire us to bring in an experienced Black Belt to run four to six Six Sigma projects until the client staff is confident in the Six Sigma methodology. Typically, the money saved on the projects more than pays for the total costs of the project, including the consultant.

This often results in millions of dollars in savings during the initial training.

Harrington Management Systems has certified over 1,800 individuals in the Six Sigma methodology.