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Six Sigma Green Belt

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The Six Sigma Green Belt workshop will provide training for those needing to use the principles of Six Sigma problem-solving skills in order to serve or to lead a Six Sigma Team, but who do not need to be at a Black Belt level. This class will provide the first level of training required to progress to the Six Sigma Black Belt level.

This course will cover many areas of Six Sigma problem solving, requiring general understanding, basic understanding, in-depth understanding of the various principles of Six Sigma and how to use DMAIC methodology.

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  • Learn the most successful Six Sigma Green Belt tools & techniques
  • Review key measures of performance
  • Observe and apply widely-used methodologies
  • Learn the new Six Sigma life cycle
  • Quality professionals
  • Managers
  • Six Sigma professionals
  • Process Improvement leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Service and Support professionals
  • Supervisors
  • I. Enterprise Wide Deployment (Laptop is required)
    • What is Six Sigma?
    • The evolution of Six Sigma
    • Six Sigma roles & responsibilities
    • Types of Belts
    • Green Belts
    • Introduction to DMAIC

  • II. Process Improvement (Laptop is required)
    • What is process improvement?
    • What does process improvement have to do with Six Sigma?

  • III. Team Building

  • IV. Six Sigma Basic tools (Laptop is required)
    • Pareto, Histograms, Flowcharting, 5S, PDCA, etc

  • V. Statistical Tools for Green Belt (Laptop is required)

  • VI. Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control (DMAIC)
    • 1. Define
      • Define key Measurement
      • SWOT
      • Defining Goals
      • Develop a project Plan (WBS)
    • 2. Measure (Laptop is required)
      • Measure performance & variability
      • Voice of the customer
      • Voice of the process
      • Improvement opportunities
      • Stratification & prioritization
      • Data collection
      • Process walkthrough
      • Pick low-hanging fruit
    • 3. Analyze (Laptop is required)
      • Root Cause Analysis
      • Develop cause & effect hypothesis
      • Affinity Diagrams
      • Improvement options
      • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • 4. Improve
      • Define improvement options
      • Conduct a cost benefit analysis
      • Get management approval
      • Define the implementation schedule
      • Train people affected
      • Communicate implementation plan to affected personnel
      • Establish performance standards
      • Understand the role of change agent
      • Implement the change and measure its impact
    • 5. Control (Laptop is required)
      • Create a Process control plan
      • Measure results
      • Identify other improvement opportunities

  • VII Overview of Six Sigma Black Belt methodologies (Laptop required)
    • DFSS
    • Lean
    • DMADV
    • Statistical Tools


  • December
Atlantic City
  • not offered
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Las Vegas
  • November
San Francisco
  • not offered
Los Angeles
  • not offered
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Five Days

Workshop and Certification Combined: $2,195 per participant

Workshop Only: $1,995 per participant

Certification Only: $200 per participant

The following discount applies to each of the classes:

  • Two or more participants from the same location 15% discount
  • Five or more participants from the same location, the sixth participant may attend the class at no cost.

Participants must pass the exam and attend 80% of the class hours and complete three of the homework assignments to become certified.

Challenge the Class – Participants do not have to take the training from Harrington Management Systems. A participant can take the test and acquire the additional experience required in the certification evaluation.