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Supply Chain Management

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This basic five-day workshop is designed to educate management in new approaches and to provide a framework for implementing a program for change. Topics of discussion include supply chain management concepts and key issues related to developing change strategies suitable for your company’s specific situation.

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After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss modern supply management approaches and expected benefits
  • Develop an effective supply management program
  • Take the short and long-term actions required to begin the change process
  • Improve supplier performance
  • Managers
  • Supply Chain Management Overview
    • The need for change
    • Common misconceptions
    • Supply management objectives
    • Key elements for success
    • Expected benefits

  • Supplier Improvement
    • The improvement processes
    • Key elements of each process step

  • Implementation Strategy
    • A framework for implementation
    • Objectives of each step
    • Getting started


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Five Days

Workshop and Certification Combined: $2,195 per participant

Workshop Only: $1,995 per participant

Certification Only: $200 per participant

The following discount applies to each of the classes:

  • Two or more participants from the same location 15% discount
  • Five or more participants from the same location, the sixth participant may attend the class at no cost.

Participants must pass the exam and attend 80% of the class hours and complete three of the homework assignments to become certified.

Challenge the Class – Participants do not have to take the training from Harrington Management Systems. A participant can take the test and acquire the additional experience required in the certification evaluation.