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Presents the state of the practice of business improvement processes including ISO (International Standards Organization) and TQM (Total Quality Management)

From Library Journal: Harrington (Business Process Improvement, McGraw, 1991) steers clear of the gobbledygook found in the more esoteric publications as well as the simplistic popular press. His work is a plain-English presentation of the state (and future state) of the practice of business improvement processes encompassing the entire business enterprise. It covers a good deal of territory, ranging from ISO (International Standards Organization) to TQM (Total Quality Management). Though necessary, acronyms abound. Harrington has considerable insight and offers and supports his opinions with numerous real-life examples. His portrayals of "winners," "losers," and "survivors" is trenchant and provides a summary of the material discussed. A good book; recommended for public library collections. Steven Silkunas, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, Philadelphia Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist: A timely, well-written book such as this is needed by the majority of organizations in the mid-1990s. H. James Harrington (with his coauthor) draws on his 40 years of IBM experiences and more-recent Ernst & Young consulting experiences in quality management. Using specific examples from IBM, GM, and others, this volume demonstrates that companies must utilize an array of quality methods to stay competitive; focusing on only one quality method, such as total quality management (TQM), does not lead to effective organizational change. The book's introduction and overview set the stage through a 12-step win-win scenario of total improvement management (TIM) and a stakeholder approach that presents a total business management (TBM) outer circle model that includes five other quality methods. The 15 chapters address specific topics, such as leadership required for change, planning, the environment, customer focus, management participation, team building, individual excellence, suppliers, operational processes, and product processes. Written for middle- and upper-level managers, Total Improvement Management illustrates how to combine the many improvement methods to best use available resources and optimize total performance. Joseph Leonard

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I want to purchase this book.

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