Dr. Harrington

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Presenting the accumulated wisdom of one of the world’s foremost quality professionals, Process Management Excellence offers clear and thorough explanations of the critical tools for creating organizational excellence. In this first book of the comprehensive The Five Pillars of Organizational Excellence series, respected authority H. James Harrington explains how to manage processes within a work team as well as those that flow across departments. Inside you’ll find specifics on:

  • The team approach to continuous improvement
  • The micro-level approach to process management
  • The macro-level approach to process management
  • Systematic process breakthrough methodologies
  • Total Six Sigma
  • Process maturity grid
  • And much more!

The Five Pillars of Organizational Excellence series includes Process Management Excellence, Project Management Excellence, Change Management Excellence, Knowledge Management Excellence, and Resource Management Excellence. The processes discussed in each book are designed to permanently change an organization by fostering a learning culture while maintaining the procedures and structure that ensure optimum performance. Managing all five pillars simultaneously is the key to success.

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I want to purchase this book.

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Harrington Management Systems offers advice and support to leading companies in various industries across the globe. We staff and manage your projects with our experts.

We are successful because of our people, the quality of our expert network and our ability to anticipate market changes and adapt to your needs. That is why we continuously invest in the education and coaching of our consultants and trainers.

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We aim to build a strong mutual business relationship with our clients and contribute to their success by responding to their needs.

Our goal is not to become the largest consultancy agency but to be the agency known for the outstanding and lasting results we achieve with our clients. We work to support you on all stages of your business’s development.