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A combination of text, CD-ROM, flowcharting software, and on-line guidance shows how to plan, execute, and internalize and upgraded quality management system (QMS) within any organization. The authors, both ISO experts, provide concepts that actually go beyond meeting the minimum QMS requirements as defined in ISO 9001. Offers case studies and straightforward, practical guidance for those starting the ISO certification process as well as others striving to pass the six-month audits.

The hands-on, how-to guide to making ISO work for you ISO 9000 and Beyond: From Compliance to Performance Improvement. In a unique format that combines the strengths of written information, multimedia CD-ROM, flowcharting software, and real-time on-line guidance, two members of the team that created the ISO 9000 standards show you how to get the most from your quality management efforts. ISO 9000 and Beyond gives you the highest level of quality expertise in one remarkably affordable bundle. From authors who helped write the standards, you'll learn all about the ISO 9000 series, how to design, implement, and integrate the new Quality Management System (QMS)., and how to make cost-effective additions that transform the minimum QMS into an above-average system that affords you a significant competitive advantage. For organizations facing six-month ISO audits, this guide is especially essential. It will show you how to break down resisitance and internalize the quality process so that you don't fail--the first or second time around. You can even go on-line to get your most pressing questions answered by the pros! No other ISO guide delivers so much ready-to-use help in such a practical, convenient package.

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I want to purchase this book.

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