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The Enhance Solutions Platform™ is comprised of the DesignAnalyst™ and TeamPortal™ cloud services.

DesignAnalyst is for Process owners. These are the people in your enterprise who are responsible for the documentation, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of your Processes. Their work goes into your Knowledgebase.

TeamPortal is for Process participants. These are the people who need to refer to your Knowledgebase to review, comment on and approve the Processes, as well as those who need to refer to the Knowledgebase to guide their work.

This quick tour places you in the TeamPortal service and with it you can explore various uses of Enhance by selecting from a collection of Public Knowledgebases.

The quick tour includes automated hints and short tutorial videos to make your tour quick and easy.

Once you have completed your tour you might consider the Free Trial so that you can explore the full Enhance Solutions Platform including the DesignAnalyst cloud service.

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