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Pull your team together using the Enhance Solutions Platform

DesignAnalyst integrates the Lean Six Sigma toolbox with DMAIC process roadmaps to make your projects flow smoothly

The following comprehensive capabilities will soon be available in Enhance:

  • Support for Lean Six Sigma projects with a large compliment of fully integrated tools such as the project charter, A3 report and the Ishikawa/Fishbone diagram.
  • Use the SmartToolbox™ with DMAIC process roadmaps and tools to make your projects flow smoothly.
  • Process users capture process performance data and submit seamlessly to process owners.
  • Your Knowledgebase is pre-loaded with best-practice DMAIC processes to guide team members through each specific step required to perform the project freeing up your Black Belts for other tasks.
  • The best-practice DMAIC processes can be customized to support your own methodologies.
  • Perform Ranked Critical Path analyses that support performance improvement initiatives. (This is available Now: Learn More About Process Modeling & Analysis)
  • Instant cloud deployment of new or modified processes to all process users. (This is available Now: Learn more about the Fully Cloud Enabled capability)