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Use them and make your Process models come alive!

KnowledgeObjects are used to convert a Process model from a static document into a knowledge rich statement of "how we do what we do".

There are many tools available that let you draw a flow-chart description of a Process. However, with the DesignAnalyst service you can attach KnowledgeObjects to the Activities in your Process to supplement the basic "Process flow" with digital knowledge.

Common examples of KnowledgeObjects are documents, spreadsheets, blueprints, schematics, lists, training videos, voice recordings and links to external resources such as website pages.

Supplementing your knowlegebase with KnowledgeObjects greatly increases the value and usefulness of your Process models for the people who use them to understand, review and approve them as well as those who need to refer to them for Training or Operational guidance.

KnowledgeObjects ensure that the right knowledge is delivered to the right person at the right time!