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Enhance is comprised of the DesignAnalyst™ and TeamPortal™ services

Screen snapshots below are from the DesignAnalyst service
Create custom data Attributes

As easy as 1, 2, 3...
1) Create your custom data Attributes

Enhance's SmartObject™ technology allows you to create custom data Attributes for data collection in support of Lean Six Sigma and other types of analysis

DesignAnalyst  is delivered with a collection of pre-defined, commonly used Categorization Attributes such as Decisions, Common % Values and Waste Categories. You can learn more about pre-defined, Categorization Attributes at Learn more about Process Modeling & Analysis.

Creating custom data Attributes is an easy but powerful technique for both documenting and publishing target metrics for your processes as well as collecting the measurement data you need for your Six Sigma and other analysis projects.

No programmming required! Creating a new custom data Attribute only requires that you specify an ID and Description for the Attribute along with the type and value of data it is to represent. You may also specify a range of permissions that control how much of the definition of the Attribute may be changed by other Users.

Assign your data Attributes to the process model

2) Assign your custom data Attributes to the process model

You can easily specify if a particular Attribute is to always be associated with a specific Activity or only a one-time ocurance of the Activity

Assignment of an Attribute to an Activity is easy; locate in a process the Activity to which the Attribute is to be assigned, locate the desired Attribute in the list and drag & drop it to assign it as either "Descriptive Data" or as "Usage Data".

Assignment of an Attribute to an Activity as "Descriptive Data" means that the Attribute will be automatically assigned to every occurance of that Activity in all processes.

On the other hand, assignment of an Attribute to an Activity as "Usage Data" means that the Attribute will be assigned to only the particular occurance of that Activity (within a Process) where the assignment is made.

Being able to make an Attribute assignment as either "Descriptive Data" or as "Usage Data" provides a great deal of flexibility and power as you plan and execute your Lean Six Sigma and other analysis projects.

Custom data Attributes on the Process

3) View your custom data Attributes on the Process

The targets, standards and benchmark metrics you choose are easily displayed

The creation and assignment of custom data Attributes allows you to easily display, at the appropriate places in the Process, targets, standards and benchmark metrics to assist in the understanding, performance and improvement of your Processes. This capability  lays the foundation for the collection of performance metrics.